UniCruise Throttle Assist

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  • ◆ Universal Cruise Control - Cruise assist for your motorcycle / bike, designed for every bike out there
  • ◆ Anti Fatigue Throttle Assist: Eases the discomfort that long rides cause in your wrist.
  • ◆ Total Control Clamp: The On Top Dial helps you tune in the safest and best fit for your grips.
  • ◆ Easy Installation: NO tools required Comes with Silicone Grip Band for Smoother Operation and protection of your throttle grip when Clamped. Comes with 1 Ring!
  • [COMFORTABLE LONG RIDE]: The throttle control is designed to give your hand and wrist relief on long rides. Always close throttle before braking and never remove.
  • [TOP QUALITY]: Made of high-quality billet aluminum, which is non-toxic, no odor and durable.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION]: Put silicone grip band at the base of the throttle, unscrew the clap enough to get over the throttle and begin to tighten.
  • [BLENDS SEAMLESSLY WITH YOUR BIKE]: All black clamp blends seamlessly on any bike without any writing or logos taking away from the look for your bike.
  • [EASY TO ADJUST]: Adjust the top screw to the safest fit for your grip. Tighten always test before riding.

Cruise Off
Reach the speed you want, the device
is in high position
Cruise On
Holding the throttle still, using index finger push down to against brake lever
Twist throttle forward to fully disengage