Pro FX Holographic Projector

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About This Item

Paper and plastic Halloween decorations are so last century. What we need is some high-tech decorations that will actually scare people both inside and outside of your homes. Think about it, the more you scare kids at your door, the more candy you have for yourself at the end of the night. These amazing holographic Halloween decorations is just what you need

The ProFX Projector Kit allows you to project holographic, videos, and images via front or rear projection, giving your home an eye-catching live action feel! Kit includes everything you need to create a professional-looking holographic projection display. 

ProFX Projector Kit Halloween/Christmas Decoration:
  • Includes projector, remote, 2 screens
  • USB /SD /HDMI/AV inputs
  • 1500 lumens LCD holographic projector
  • 5 Bonus Scary Halloween videos included with Purchase